tech·an·ic \te-ˈka-nik\ n. Thoughts on technology from Josh Dick.

Configuring SSH and SCP/SFTP on DSM 5.0 for Synology DiskStations

Because geeky toys never work quite right out of the box.

A New Home is now

Everyday Carry

What's in your pockets right now? Weather on the Mac Desktop

Because I could.

Making Git a Little Fuzzier

A command-line wrapper for Git that does fuzzy filename matching.

An Event Apart Boston 2013

My notes from An Event Apart, "the design conference for people who make websites".

Sleep Displays with Alfred v2

Because my keyboard doesn't have an eject key.

My Git Prompt for Zsh

Because git status isn't nearly as fun.

Rejecting False Binary Files in Git

When text files stay up past their bedtime.

Broken: Buying and Activating Windows 8

Things aren't always as they seem.

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